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MFG Asset Management's 2022 InReview


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In this year’s collection of insights from our investment team and other experts, our global portfolio managers explain why (and how) inflation, inequality, geopolitics and climate change will dominate global economies and markets in the coming 12 months – and how these forces are influencing their investment decisions now. Leon Panetta, the former US Defence Secretary, discusses why the world is at a dangerous and pivotal moment. You’ll also find our annual fund reports, quarterly fund factsheets and much more.

"If you can find a quality company that has the tailwind at its back with a very strong, long run industry thematic, then I think you've got a real winner there. And they're the types of companies that we're really looking for"

Arvid Streimann — Head of Macro and Portfolio Manager

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"This is a moment in time that could tell us a great deal about what the future holds in the 21st century."

Secretary Leon Panetta

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Gerald Stack
Infrastructure Insights

Paying attention to Global Listed Infrastructure

Why is now a good time to invest in infrastructure assets, what is the link between these assets and interest rates?

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Sector spotlight

Magellan Analyst Round Table 2022

In this video, Magellan’s sector analysts discuss inflation, supply snarls and how interest rates are affecting banking, technology, infrastructure and consumer staples.

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Sharing our investment expertise

Our team of over 30 highly qualified and experienced investment professionals manages more than A$61 billion (as at 30 June 2022) in global equity and infrastructure strategies for clients based around the world. Our team has received multiple industry awards and remains a highly rated fund manager of global equities and global listed infrastructure, in Australia and overseas.

We love to hear from our clients and address their portfolio related questions. Perhaps you have a stock related question, or want to know our views on a particular sector or part of the market. Feel free to submit it to our investment team via the button and we will endeavor to respond within 48 hours.


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