Payments “Revolution”

— Visa drives a surge in digital transactions


The world’s largest payment network, which facilitates more than 6000 transactions every second, is in the front seat of the digital payments’ revolution . VISA has enjoyed a doubling of its volumes in many regions over the past three years, thanks to the increased uptake of digital payments across the world. VISA Vice Chair and CFO, Vasant Prabhu, says his company’s primary mission to replace cash and cheques with digital payments is gathering pace, with huge opportunities still to come. In this episode, Vasant is interviewed by Magellan Deputy CIO and Head of ESG, Domenico Giuliano, and Magellan Portfolio Manager Elisa Di Marco, about VISA’s attractive and innovative business, the way the pandemic has multiplied volumes, and the implications of new payment options like crypto currencies, electronic wallets, real-time payments, and the impact of regulation.